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Bragging about criminal activity on your website? Yeah, that's a great idea.
nekusagi wrote in fandom_stupid
So, the latest kerfluffle in the Pokemon fandom is that one Water Pokemon Master went to a movie, secretly snapped pictures of new Pokemon at the end with his camera, then bragged about it on his site, even as much as joking about "risking his life" to get them.

2chan is not amused.

WPM's reaction?

Mature as always.

His discussion forums, as well are booming with intelligent discussion of this serious legal matter.

"The Japanese are ninjas, you know"

Condemning illegal activity is just jealous, you guys!

It also makes you a gossip website.

The webmaster speaks.

I'm a film studies major, you guys!

The stupid goes on for another few pages or so, though after WPM's statements the discussion shifts over to the new Pokemon. Still, it's a kinda trainwreck of a stupid and probably the biggest scandal to hit the fandom, so  I felt it worth posting here before heading to wor (and this isn't even touching the thread over at Bulbagarden.)

Grudgey wank, to be sure, but how stupid can you be?

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On the one hand, I think Japanese fans (in general; not just Pokemon, but many fandoms I'm in where the source material is Japanese) and Japan in general can be really uptight about illegal/less than legal/frowned upon activity by foreign fans, and find it a little absurd that this guy (whom I've never heard of before this, so forgive my ignorance) could be charged a million yen and up to 10 years in prison for snapping two pictures during previews.

However, posting the images to what looks to be a huge, heavily trafficked site, being a smug ass about it afterwards, and in general doing all the crap this guy has? I'm kinda rooting for Japan here :/

(Deleted comment)

I tried to get into it, like, a decade ago. I failed.

If this qualifies as a scandal, your fandom's doing pretty well.

MTE. Least scandalous crime ever.

It is pretty ridiculous. I mean, the best pokemon has already been revealed already!

But yeah, silliness aside, bragging about crime is usually a bad idea.

lol his attitude

Pokebeach links lead me to deleted threads btw

Is the Bulbapedia thread members-only now? I can't see it anymore.

Thanks. It seems even the Bulbagarden thread is deleted now, as I can't see it, and I'm a member there (though I rarely go there, so maybe there are different levels of membership or something).

I think it was always just deleted; I only assumed it was members-only because it showed a "You are not logged in or you do not have permission to access this page." message.

so much to snark, so little space

So much hand-wringing over so little. (btw, you forgot to link the Serebiiforums thread)

I respect PokeBeach, but I would definitely love to see the site (as well as Serebii) taken down. Makes room for a whole new generation of fansites. XD


The Japanese legal system relies on confessions[citation needed]

Can I also ask who is so skilled in the arts of law in Japan that wrote this article? Do they even know how the laws in Japan are about piracy laws? Yeah 2ch might be pissed, but someone from there (I am guessing) would have done it anyways. They were just beat to it.

This all is just a bit sketchy to me and to the point when I am disappointed in the Pokemon fandom all together. We all acting like, dare I say it, Beliebers and other cults in music fandom.

Awesome, Bieber fans have surpassed SPN and Harry Potter in fandom infamy.

I find it interesting what WPM was saying in his update. The stuff about Pokemon Sunday tomorrow morning and how it'll be uploaded to YouTube and the leaked CoroCoro scans. That's not breaking a piracy law (is it? Please tell me if it is~). He broke a Japanese law, he can do the time/pay the fine/enjoy being deported.

Just how new to the internet *are* these people?

We weren't the ones who took the scans. As a news organization, what we're doing is no more illegal than a TV channel showing video of a murder.

*LOLing forever* WPM may be taking stupid risks by not taking seriously the copyright double standards that movie theaters enjoy, but this ridiculous "But I'm not like that!" hypocritical 'condemning' is so much stupider. ("Know what'll save us from guilt by association? Making a press release disguised as a crappy 'breaking news' article! BRILLIANT!") If the IP owners actually start coming for the fansites because of this, any Official Condemnations of That Other, Very Bad Fansite aren't going to deter them. There isn't exactly a fansite moral hierarchy here.

So, does 2ch know WPM's real name, or are they just spamming the police with his web address? Do they even know for sure he's in Tokyo?

Re: so much to snark, so little space

Reading the Serebii thread

Anyone who doesn't support him doesn't deserve Pokemon.

...the hell? o.O Now that's just silly.

To answer that last question, it's hard to tell with 2ch. I do think 100% they, if they wished, could get it (2ch is scary) but whether they actually put the energy into it is another matter.

It all seems to be deleted, unfortunately, except the news post. I'm assuming there are no screengrabs?

Im gonna work on getting the first eight pages or so of the bulbagarden thread capped.

Here's caps of the deleted Bulbagarden thread, up to about page 8 or so and didn't catch page 2

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