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fandom_stupid's Journal

Stupid? In my Fandom?
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Too small for Fandom Wank? Too Fandom for stupid_free or sf_drama? fandom_stupid is the place for those juicy bits of drama and stupid from your favorite fandoms. From Anime to Yaoi, if it's fandom, it's wankalicious or stupid? Post it here!

This is the place to post stupids from:
Fandom communities
Fanfiction communities
Big Name Fan Drama
News articles and blogs
and anything else that has to do with fandom and the epic wank it can provide.

This is not a place to wank over how someone's OTP is wrong, or disagreeing about opinions. We want the stupid, so bring it on!

The Rules
No trolling personal journals or engaging in harassing someone who is being snarked in their own journal. The snark should stay here. Doing so will result in bannation.

Make your post interesting. Feel free to give us a condensed background, especially in obscure fandoms, or link us to Wiki or TV Tropes for further reading on something most folks won't know about. Background is always welcome and cap locked posts please!

Feel free to post from locked community entries, but lock that post and be aware you might get banned from the other community for doing so. It's a risk you take for exposing the stupid. Posting information from locked personal journal entries is strictly forbidden.

Spam posts and porn posts will be deleted, and the member flogged, dipped in oil and then banned.

We shouldn't have to say this, but slurs are not accepted. This includes but is not limited to slurs against someone's race, religion, national origin, sexual orientation or handicap. We're here to snark the stupid, not be the stupid.

Comments should always be unlocked and not screened.

Don't delete or majorly edit posts or comments. The only exception is for minor grammar/coding failure, or LJ server problems (Double posting.) If a post needs to be removed, please let your mods know.

Rules are subject to change but the mods aren't so cruel as to not notify you.

Have a problem? Need to notify a mod? Post here